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Luxurious Beauty:………………………..

Includes everything in Essence of Beauty with the addition of a mineral/sugar scrub in the aroma of your choice to exfoliate, your skin are hydrated via a 7 minutes (4 min for hands) legs/feet massage with hydrating lotion, followed by a mask/gel wrapped in steamed towels.

Hawaiian Delight (Organic): ……………

(Tropical aroma, OPI Products)

Experience the beautiful, healthy, glowing skin of the Islanders.  The journey starts by letting your body relax with the aroma of Gardenia Essential Oil (known for its mood-calming effect).  Quench your dry skin in a bath filled with warm water, organic mineral soak, and mint petals before your mani/pedi journey begins.  After routine nail care, your hands and feet will be gently exfoliated with a sugar scrub, and then moisturized with 10 minutes (5 min for hands) deep tissue legs/feet massage, followed by a mask wrapped in steamed towels for a revitalizing spa finish.

Volcanic Clay (Organic): (Coffee aroma),….

This is the facial for hands and/or feet.  Enjoy the relaxing aroma-therapy scents of lavender while the exfoliating raw-sugar scrub warms your skin after routine nail care.  The final steps include the application of a hydrating, healing lotion containing cucumber and fruit extracts, 15 minutes (10 min for hands) deep tissue or reflexology massage, clay mask application and removal with steamed towels.

Essense of the Sea (Organic):  (Grapefruit aroma),

A truly unique spa experience where Jelly Pedi is used to turn water into a luxurious encasing comfort to provide you with the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles while removing toxins and stimulate blood circulation.  Grapefruit essential oil is used to uplift your mood and provide you with more energy.  Your hands and feet are –pre-soaked in warm Jelly Pedi water, followed by routine nail care, gentle exfoliation with sugar scrub, 15 minutes massage with lotion and oil, and mask application and removal with steamed towels.

Hot Lava (Organic):  (Honey Cinnamon aroma),..

Experience the ultimate hot and sensuous pleasure of a spa treatment while gaining the benefit of illuminating and moisturized skin. Honey is a natural humectant (attracts moisture to the skin), when combined with cinnamon, a pore cleanser and a blood vessels stimulator, provides the illuminating effect.  Your journey starts by uplifting your spirit with the aroma of Jasmine Essential Oil, and then your hands and/or feet are soaked in warm water infused with an organic mineral soak, followed by routine nail care, gentle exfoliation with warmed sugar scrub, 15 minutes (10 min for hands) massage with warm lotion and oil, 2-3 minutes of which includes hot stone massage, and foot paraffin treatment.

Golden VIP (Organic):………………………….

Enjoy the ultimate pampering treatment suited for royalties.  In a private, dimly lit room filled with soft music and the aroma that comes with the hands/feet treatment you selected, you will be served refreshments and a choice of beverage – coffee, tea, wine, or sparking water.  Choose a service among the choices of Volcanic Clay, Essence of the Sea, or Hot Lava.  Lean back, relax, and experience the best of the best at Allure.


Paraffin Treatment:……………………………..

This is an excellent choice for rehydrating. First, you get a hand/foot massage. Then your hands/feet are placed in a warm melted parafin tub, followed by plastic film or aluminum foil wraps, placed in our special beauty mittens. After ~5 minutes, the paraffin is removed to reveal smooth, baby-like skin. This treatment works wonders for dry, callused and cracked feet/hands.

Moisturizing/Softening Mask Treatment…..

This is the best choice for extremely dry skin and nails, or for guests allergic to paraffin.  First, the pores are opened by a cleansing with hot towels.  Then, a mixture of warm lotion and oil are massaged into your skin for at least 3 minutes, followed by a warm hydrating mask.  Your hands and feet are wrapped in saran and placed in warm mitt for ~5 minutes to reduce fine lines and soften your skin.