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This facial offers revival and nourishment for your face, neck, and décolleté.  You will fill relaxed and radian in half an hour. Because there is no extraction, this is ideal for an instant glow before a special occasion.  35 minutes

Remedial Facial………….

This personalized treatment offers a truly unique facial experience for everyone. Whether you need deep-pore cleansing, extra nourishing, deep hydration, or custom-tailored maintenance, we will address your concerns while delivering rejuvenation and relaxation.  50 minutes

Heavenly Facial………….

This authentic European facial will bring you complete pampering and thorough rebalancing.  Using aromatherapy, heated mitts, and specific massage techniques, we focus on deep-pore cleansing, undo the damage of late hours or exposure of the elements to your eyes while addressing your entire body’s muscle fatigue.  65 minutes



Remedial for Men…………

This high performance corrective facial cleans, detoxifies, and renders the skin smooth and supple while you surrender to a relaxing facial, neck, décolleté, and shoulder massage.   It is ideal for the man who works or plays hard. 50 minutes

Heavenly for Men…………

This European style facial will provide you with a custom treatment that deep-cleans, hydrates, resurfaces, purifies and protects skin.  Effectively addresses ingrowns and breakouts.  It is the ultimate remedy for skin that has suffered through the elements, long work hours, and numerous nights out with the guys.  70 minutes